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June2002? - February 15, 2013
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Jonah came to us at the age of approximately 1 ½ years of age.  He was rescued from Friends of Wayne Animals in Wayne, NJ.  Jonah was brought to my attention by a fellow trainer who had been working with him to make him more adoptable. She described him as my “next project”.  He had been in the shelter for 9 months by the time he came to live with us.


I am very thankful that FOWA was not a kill shelter and was willing to keep him until he found a forever home.  We believe Jonah was a Portuguese Podengo Medio Smooth Coat (or Podengo mix).  He was my heart dog and the love of my life.  I miss him every day.

At the time, we had a female dog who did not like the company of other dogs (except my brother’s dog Bennett).  The ONLY criteria for adopting Jonah was that Lindy would not want to kill him, so the bar was set pretty low.  At the meet and greet, Lindy did her best to avoid him and he complied.

What we had to overcome:

Jonah had been in a shelter for 9 months so life as he knew it was in a kennel with limited time exercising in the yard.  He barked and whined incessantly. He had likely never been in a house and literally bounced off the walls, couch and coffee table the first time he entered our house.

He was an 18 month old dog and Lindy was already 12 years old and she was NOT looking for a playmate, so managing him and harnessing his energy was going to be essential.

Jonah wanted to chase bikes, skateboards, joggers, the vacuum and sometimes feet.

He never had a significant bond with any human so while he seemed to like us, building a meaningful relationship took time, which is completely understandable. 

My goal was for Jonah to be my next agility partner.  He was fast and driven, but not a natural for the teamwork aspect due to his lack of human connection.

The results:

While it was very carefully managed, Jonah and Lindy never had an altercation.

Jonah and I became extremely close and built a very strong bond.  He was great with people and dogs.

He became a well-mannered dog and earned the designation of Canine Good Citizen through the American Kennel Club.

Jonah went on to earn 4 Championship titles through North American Dog Agility Council and competed at the North American Dog Agility Council Championships in Shelbyville, TN and Springfield, IL.  He was just one qualifying run away from his 5th Championship Title.

His favorite things were snuggling, going for walks and hikes, and agility.  Jonah died too young from cancer of the liver.  My heart will never be the same.