What our clients are saying...

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have done with us. It fills my heart with so much joy to see Peach growing in her confidence.  The transformation has been remarkable and we could not have done it without you.  We will keep working but will miss you! Best of luck with all your other pups.

-Caroline K. and Peach

(American Bulldog)

Having rescued a feral puppy, we definitely had our work cut out for us. A friend recommended Margaret and in just a few months working with Simba I can't even begin to explain the difference in her. She went from a scared puppy to a confident one. We still have work to do, but with Margaret's expertise, guidance and friendship we are well on our way.

Kelle M. and Simba

(German Shepherd Mix)

We have 'worked' with Margaret for over 6 years.... I just wish we met her sooner!! I was new to Agility and she patiently showed me and my 'high energy' dog how to read each others' signals, understand the courses and obstacles, and most importantly learn in a way that is best for your dog. Margaret's ability to adapt to all different breeds and behaviors ensures you get the best training. Every owner is different and every dog is different- Margaret helps you to understand that and come to a common ground where happiness and positive results combine. Margaret challenges us during each class, but ensures we always have fun. Seeing my dog succeed while having fun makes it all worth while..... and at the end of class, you just look forward to the next one. Thank you Margaret for your patience, knowledge, and encouragement!!

Nancy M  with Angie (American Eskimo) and Gracie (Beagle)

Although my puppy and I had initial training at a storefront situation, I didn't feel that I had a good knowledge of how to help my cockapoo puppy to be a well-behaved and happy dog. Margaret has given us very specific tasks to obtain the right behavior. She is helping me to think like a dog so I can see how my behaviors are interpreted by my puppy. Each hour is full of hands on instruction with plenty of fun for my puppy and me. She is very encouraging and is a delightful person. We have worked on sit, stay, down, wait, hush (for barking) and most importantly to come when called in a situation where my puppy would rather chase that bunny or squirrel. I highly recommend her as a talented and professional dog trainer.

Amelia W. and Lola (Cockapoo)

If you're looking to bond with your dog and spend hours of fun playing together, learn K-9 agility. If you want to do K-9 agility well, let Margaret MacEwen train both of you. She begins by helping you to teach your dog to handle jumps, tunnels, weave poles and other obstacles. She then works to teach you how to communicate with your dog on the course, seeing your handling from a dog's perspective! Margaret has worked with me with two dogs of opposite temperament -- one shy but friendly, the other reactive with aggression issues. Under Margaret's guidance, both overcame their issues and have grown to love and excel in agility.

Len S.  with Teddy and Zeke (Yorkshire Terriers)

We have a 4 months old Giant Schnauzer "Duke" and we wanted to train him properly right from the start. Our Vet recommended Margaret and we are so grateful. She is a genius! She is training Duke already for few months. She is truly a Professional . Margaret is very knowledgeable . She really knows her job and you can tell she does it with love and passion. Thank you Margaret .

Alex and Rena R.  with Duke  (Giant Schnauzer)

I have been using Margaret for obedience training for my new mini schnauzer puppy and it has been fabulous! Margaret works with you on tips to have a mentally challenged and well behaved dog. She is very personable and understands all of her individual clients needs. I highly recommend her! You will not be disappointed!

Kimberly F. with Schatzi  (Miniature Schnauzer)

Margaret was so helpful! Prior to our first visit, we had a thorough conversation so we had objective set up ahead of time. She is extremely responsive, and accommodating with scheduling appointments. From the first training day, my dog Penny has made so much progress. It’s like a switch flipped and she’s potty trained, no more accidents. She doesn’t bark when I come in. She doesn’t jump when I come in. We look forward to our next training!

Amy and Reza G. with Penny (Morkie)

Margaret from Super Fine K9 is amazing! She is so loving and patient with our 2 years old Tzuchon mix dog; she had never had any kind of training so we were nervous about her not being capable of learning but the minute Margaret arrived, we knew we had made the right choice. Emma likes her and pays attention at every session, just after the first visit we can honestly say there was a difference in her behavior. Thanks Margaret, we hope to see you again soon so we can show you more of Emma's improvements!

The Lerma-Acosta Family with Emma (Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise mix)

The past year has been very chaotic for me and my dog's behavior has reflected that when he started becoming reactive to people entering my house. Margaret showed me that it was my dog's confidence that was injured and that with simple but constant obedience training at home, I can help build his confidence and stop the reactive behavior. Had it not been for her advice and positive reinforcement styled training, I could have had a potential attack brewing. I can't thank Margaret enough for what she has done for my family and I. Especially for my little man Link, who is a much happier dog!

Janine O. and Link (All American)

Margaret MacEwen is amazing. She came highly recommended by our vet and we're so glad we chose her for our puppy training. We have a 5 month old puppy and we started our training when she was 11 weeks old. Margaret is an experienced dog trainer who has been able to help our whole family learn the best ways to train our puppy so that she will be a great family pet for years to come. Our training sessions with Margaret have been in our home. Best of all - Margaret has been available by phone or text anytime we've needed her.  If I've had a question or concern she has responded right away. She commands a wonderful presence with our puppy and works well with all members of the family from children to adults. She utilizes every moment of our sessions, is very organized and focused and has provided lots of information to help us succeed with training our puppy. We definitely recommend Margaret and Super Fine K9 dog training.

The Wolf Family with Oreo (Border Collie Mix)

Margaret was great with my shy barking Sheltie. We had a long conversation over the phone when I shared my issues with the dog and she answered all my questions about training. It was my first time hiring a dog trainer, but Margaret seemed knowledgeable. I felt comfortable choosing her as a trainer for my dog.
On the day of actual training we went over some issues again. Training itself was very hands on without even a minute being unused. Margaret has tons of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to training a dog. She gave us valuable advice and she trained our dog, us and our friends' kids. Obviously, training doesn't stop when she leaves and we as dog owners need to keep working. Yet I was glad to receive so many tools to make my dog and people around co-exist peacefully.
After training was over Margaret checked regularly on the progress. Overall, it was a great experience and benefit for all.
Thank you, Margaret.

Katia K. with Georgy (Shetland Sheepdog)

We worked with Margaret for a few sessions with our 11 month old dog, Finn. He was having leash reactivity issues, making it quite difficult to take him on walks without him barking up a storm at people and other dogs. We thought we'd truly never be able to bring him around my moms dog, Savannah. Margaret worked with Finn to boost confidence, reward good behavior and allowed us to take videos to continue to work with him.

She is a lovely person who truly has a passion for her work which is so beautiful to see these days!

To make a long story short, through working with Margaret we were able to slowly take Finn on more walks! And now him and his aunt Savannah are now best friends and love playing together! We can't recommend Margaret enough.

-Bridget S. and Eric T. with Finn (All American Dog)

Superfine K9 not only trains your pet, Superfine K9 opens your eyes to a proactive mindset.  In the past several months we have seen Scooby show much confidence in herself and her surrounding environment.  

- Mike and Rebecca with Scooby (Schnauzer/Shih Tzu mix)

Scooby update:  "not only did she walk TO the car today, but she JUMPED in on her own, not once, not twice, but three times!!!

We love our Luna, but she was getting out of hand. Margaret showed us a few exercises to keep her mind busy and calm. We definitely see a change in her for the better, Luna responds well to what Margaret showed us.

- The Arevalo/Gonzalez Family with Luna

(Coonhound Mix)

Margaret is an excellent trainer as well as a sweet person. Her passion for training really shows in her commitment to providing the best service. My dog Ray was a nervous mess and within our six sessions he blossomed into an obedient young gentleman. I always looked to dog training as the dog needs to behave in a certain way. Margaret helped me to understand that it is a two way street, where my body language and confidence in handling him really effected his behavior.  Her sessions were exciting and each successful step forward was as rewarding for me as they were for my dog. She spent time to address any and all concerns or "problem areas" that came up as we moved along with the sessions. I highly recommend Superfine K9 to anyone and everyone looking to have a more rewarding relationship with their dog. I  look forward to continuing more advanced training through agility and group training with my dog Ray.

- Erin B. with Ray (All American Dog)

Margaret was a joy to work with! We have a 2 year old 95lb pit-bull and we wanted to brush up on his on obedience training. There were some very specific things we wanted to work on and Margaret addressed every concern we had. Our dog Levi had so much fun learning new things and Margaret always set him up for success. She would give us specific things to work on each week and she was always available via phone or text whenever we needed her in between. Levi learned so many new things & he graduated with learning how to loose leash walk which is a HUGE deal for us. We would definitely recommend Margaret for anyone looking for a knowledgeable, kind, loving, fun and compassionate dog trainer. You can see she really cares about the dogs and people she works with. We would use her again if needed in the future. Thank you Margaret, we will all miss you!

- Christina S. and Jimmy W. with Levi (Pit Bull Terrier)

Margaret has a great way with our Bella. Bella was a 9 month old Maltese puppy when she started working with Super Fine K9.  We wanted Margaret to work with Bella on the basics (paper training, bark control, staying in control when someone new enters the home)and she delivered. Truth is we needed the training and Margaret was very helpful in allowing us to understand how best to communicate a consistent message to Bella. We had about 7 lessons and Bella responded very well. Margaret is professional, punctual and a true pleasure to work with. Your "baby" is in great hands with Super FineK9!  Thanks Margaret!

-The Domanico Family with Bella (Maltese)

There are not enough nice words to say about Margaret. My boyfriend and I rescued our poodle Harley from the meat market in South Korea, even though we got so lucky with his temperament, he didn't know any basic commands or even English!! 


Margaret was so kind and patient but assertive. She helped train us and Harley in a way where we really understood. Even after the 1st session we saw a huge improvement, and after 6,  I am so impressed with everything we know and now we have the exact tools for success. THANK YOU Margaret, we will forever be grateful for your expertise.

- Heather Y. and Nick E.with Harley (Miniature Poodle)

Leo and I had a wonderful experience working with Margaret! She is extremely attentive and patient, and very flexible in scheduling. She displays unmatched knowledge in all areas of dog training, and I fully recommend her.

Jonathan F. with Leo (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

We have always had dogs in the family but getting 2 littermate Boxer puppies (Ali & Bella) was new to us.  We wanted to ensure we were off to a good start.  Margaret did a wonderful job helping us learn how to approach training and be successful with each individual dog. In just 6 weeks, our vet, relatives, and friends have all commented on how well behaved our puppies are.  I highly recommend Margaret for dog training and look forward to working with her again in the future as needed.

Diane & Joe M. with Bella and Ali (Boxers)

Margaret was absolutely amazing with our pups! We are highly impressed with her canine training and certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer. She is also available by phone and text to answer and help with any issues arising between sessions!

Lisa and Adam A. with Luna Lee and Arctic Storm (Mini Huskies)

No matter how much you read about how to train a dog, you still won't get it right. She helped us with all the little details you can only get from someone with experience, and it helped tremendously.

Anthony & Ashley P. with Pedro (All American)

In 2018, my husband and I added a new male mini dachshund puppy to our family.  We already had an 8 year old mini girl who is sweet and lovable..but loud.  I reached out to Margaret to help us tame Willy down as he wasn't listening as he should.  Margaret listened to all my concerns, which even included our 8 year old girl.  Margaret showed us and educated us on so many things we didn't know about having two dogs.  She taught us about giving them individualized play time,  training them separately, and desensitizing.  Things we never did with our first dog.  Willy has improved but so have the two of us as their owners.  We continue to work with both of them as a "parents" job is never done.  I now feel I have the tools necessary to do the right things.  If you are in need of a dog trainer, who truly loves dogs, and cares about her clients...Super Fine K9 is for you.  Margaret is patient and understanding.  She knows people and she certainly knows dogs!  This was a great experience for me and my dachshunds.

-Anna and Jamie C. with Willy and Dakota 

(Miniature Dachshunds)

My 19 MO GSD and I had the pleasure of working with Margaret for 3 months. She was a life saver! His breed combined with his age can make him a handful. He is a completely new dog! He is advanced in almost all of his STEX requirements (Standards of Excellence for Pet Therapy work). At the end of our time together, she was not just a trainer but she was our friend!

- The Bogarts and Bane

(German Shepherd Dog)

We have recently started working with Margaret and can already tell she is fabulous. She is extremely knowledgeable and provided us with the information and training we need to work with our dog. She simplified our technique to make it work with our lifestyle.

Margaret is a genuinely nice person! She continues to check in with us to gauge our progress and recently reached out to see if I wanted to observe her agility class because she knew I was interested in starting agility training. Would highly recommend!

Melissa B. and Max

Miniature Schnauzer

I travel way out of my way in order to take (agility) classes with Margaret. Her eye is immediate and accurate so that I always learn what subtle movement of mine is sending the wrong cue to my canine partner. I'd be devastated if she were to ever stop teaching. I leave every class a better handler.

Benita S. with Ruffian (Standard Poodle) Ruggles (Standard Poodle) Remy (Lab mix), Dorian (Pitbull Terrier)

Margaret has been awesome in helping us train our now 6 mos. old Border Collie Bayley! Her knowledge, understanding and care have been great, especially for us being first time dog owners. We will be continuing his training as long as we can! We have progressed from the basics of sit, stay, impulse control and are now looking to the future of fetch, come and Frisbee!

Kelly &Kendall M.  with Bayley (Border Collie)

We have an (almost) 2 year old Australian Shepherd that needed a lot of work with leash training, commands, and his quick reactions. We started using this company when he was a little over a year and a half and the improvement we see in him now is just amazing. We've learned how to walk him, how to distract him from certain trigger points, (bikes, skateboards, etc.) We have our training sessions once a week and every single week we see improvement and learn something new in our Aussie ! He's a smart dog with a lot of love, but needed the training so we can better enjoy him! HIGHLY recommend this company - we see a world of improvement in our pup!

Rob H. and Dana D. with Louie (Australian Shepherd)

We rescued a dog who is incredibly timid toward people and reactive toward dogs. Margaret helped us work with him through both of these issues. She gave us confidence building exercises to do with him, and taught us techniques for proper introductions to people and other dogs. She also helped us teach him basic obedience. Our dog has come a long way in just 2 months with her help!

Brianne and Sean with Marble (Australian Cattledog Mix)

I have always lived in a household that had a dog growing up! I recently adopted a rescue with my boyfriend as my first dog that was truly mine. My sweet Bear had some anxious tendencies along with leash reactivity. Leash reactivity for Bear showed up as barking and lunging at other dogs/people when on leash. Bear's Leash reactivity made it very difficult to walk him. Margaret has been a true blessing for my boyfriend and I. She is professional, tailors her sessions to our needs, and is a true behavioral expert when it comes to dog training. Her ideas have been beyond innovative and my dog and I have had a lot of fun while we trained! My dog has made DRASTIC improvements through our training with Super Fine K9 and he has gained confidence that has increased his overall happiness. If you are seeking a trainer, look no further Margaret is the best around!

Diana K. and Bear  (Poodle/Pomeranian Mix)

I look forward to our training sessions. Margaret is wonderful with my 5 month old Golden Retriever, Becca. She has worked wonders with her and has helped me understand how she thinks and how to achieve the behaviors I want. There is no magic wand that takes a 5 month old barrel of energy to the perfectly behaved companion...but we are getting there with Margaret's help. I truly appreciate her time and effort and highly recommend her as a dog trainer.

Nora H. and Becca  (Golden Retriever)

Margaret has been working wonders with our two 9 month puppies. Besides training the pups she's been wonderful at educating my husband and I as well so we can practice on our own. Extremely happy !

Mihaela &Dave with Lola and Troy ("All American" Dogs)

Margaret has been wonderful in helping to train our rescue pup, Daisy. Margaret is very knowledgeable and does a great job explaining why Daisy responds to certain tones, etc. We really made a lot of progress in just 6 sessions. I would highly recommend!!

Jennifer F. with Daisy (Pitbull Terrier)

Margaret has helped us in training two very stubborn French bulldogs (who I thought were untrainable!). Each dog was showing some aggression and just generally not listening to us to us at all. She's helped us "diagnose" the issues and treat each one using step by step training techniques. We have learned a tremendous amount from Margaret to put in practice daily.

The Davis/Somers Family with Sailor and Chyna (French Bulldogs)

We have used Margaret to help acclimate our new rescue pup into our home with our six year old Shih Tzu who is the Queen. From the first visit she offered practical tips on managing the pups behavior. There are four adults living in our house and she was keenly aware of how that might impact the consistency of what we did with our new puppy. Each week she would visit with all four of us and made us feel more comfortable with what we were doing and we could see the progress. It was more like Margaret was at the house visiting and in more of a conversation provided us excellent guidance and feedback and answered all our questions. It never felt that we were at a lesson. She has regular as well as four-legged people skills. We would enthusiastically recommend her!

The Johnston Family with Murphy (All American) and Lucy "The Queen" (Shih Tzu)

We hired Margaret for help with our St. Bernard puppy who is growing fast and needed discipline training. Margaret was great to work with and focused on his specific training needs; what she thought needed to be focused on AND what we thought was priority for the week. We saw an improvement after each session and are happy to say it didn’t take long for our Saint to become a well-mannered member of our home. We couldn’t have done it without Margaret’s expertise and experience. Capone misses her already!

John, Nancy and Tina C. with Capone (Saint Bernard)

Margaret is great and knows her stuff.  She's helping up train our 6 month Golden Retriever whose past time was getting into trouble.  We saw a dramatic improvement in his behavior after the first session and has continued to build from there.  Margaret was able to quickly connect with our dog and has been able to get the whole family involved in training.  She has incredible patience.  Margaret is very responsive to questions between sessions.  I would highly recommend.

The Mazur Family with Chip (Golden Retriever)

Margaret has recently been helping to train my five month old German Shepherd, Hades. Before we began our training, my puppy couldn't contain his excitement for more than .02 seconds before he was jumping and licking non-stop. Now, he gets many compliments for his behavior as a puppy, no longer jumps or overreacts when we are coming and going, and knows a variety of hand/voice commands!

Margaret has also helped me understand my dog way better and has given me a strong platform to be the best dog owner I could be. Hades is meant to be my emotional support dog in college, and whenever possible I plan to continue my training with Margaret to further my dogs and my own intelligence and performance.

Tommy Guerra and Hades (German Shepherd)

We had a wonderful experience with Margaret, and we would highly recommend her to anyone in need of training for their dog.  We have a golden retriever puppy who needed some serious behavior training.  Margaret provided us with practical tools and commands, and we noticed an improvement after our very first session.  Margaret's knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate.  She's readily available for any questions and is very responsive. She genuinely cares and wants to make a difference.  We would highly recommend her!

- The Hall family with Rosie (Golden Retriever)

We've been having Margaret train our German Shepherd puppy for the past few months now. We are new pet owners so we were very picky as to who we wanted to have come and train our Sai. We've seen an incredible difference in his confidence and skill. She has also helped us see what we were doing wrong as well as all the subtle gestures that would confuse him. Margaret is very patient. She took the time to go over what we wanted and went over a game plan on how to achieve it. Her methods work and we have enjoyed the training. Sai has grown to be a blessing and is bringing much joy to this family. We can't thank Margaret enough for her knowledge, expertise, and patience. If you are looking to train your dog, look no further than Super Fine K9 and have Margaret show you how to properly train your fur friend.

The Trinidad Family and Sai (German Shepherd)

We brought Margaret in to correct some unwanted behaviors in our year old Shih-Tzu pup including puppy biting, getting off furniture, unwanted barking. Margaret really got to know us and Jax prior to even meeting us in person, via a telephone interview so she was able to hit the ground running upon her arrival in our home for training.  We purchased her 6 session package and feel that Margaret gave us the tools we need to raise a well mannered dog. Her positive training techniques allowed us to see the world from the dog’s perspective, showing us how to motivate the dog to do the right thing in all situations. Margaret was very pleasant to work with, even when she told us that we were doing  the wrong things in our own training. Now it’s up to us to consistently apply the concepts we learned. We would recommend Margaret to any family looking to train any dog.

-The Cogan Family with Jax (Shih Tzu)


Margaret was easy to work with, friendly, and non judgemental. She took the time to get to know our dog, our concerns, and tailored a 6 course schedule to fit our needs. She brought us out into the community and trained our dog in a variety of settings; Loews, Horseshoe Lake, and our neighborhood and home. She is AMAZING!!! I feel so much more at ease when I walk our dog, plus she taught us so many great obedience tricks. We can never thank her enough!!

- Talya and Dan B. with Lionel (Australian Labradoodle)

We loved working with Margaret! We started training classes with her for our shihtzu puppy when he was around 9 months old. Our puppy wasn't a terribly behaved pup but we definitely needed professional help when he started jumping on our 3 yr old son and scratching his face and snapping at my husband while guarding his treats.

We've interviewed couple other trainers before we found Margaret and I knew from her first reply that she was the right trainer for us! From the first training session to the last, she was responsive and easy to communicate with. (And our puppy absolutely loved Margaret!!) It turned out we, the owners, needed more training than the puppy! Even though we had dogs before, we never took any proper training courses. And it was so beneficial for us to learn the basics of dog behavior and training tactics. Our puppy is still working in progress but really made a big difference with Margaret's training sessions. We really enjoyed working with her and we strongly recommend her service to anyone who's looking for a great trainer!

- Nari K. and Christian  C. with Bilbo (Shih Tzu)

Margaret is amazing. We are first time dog owners and had many questions and challenges. She is positive, knowledgeable, experienced, professional , patient , and flexible! After our first 2 sessions, we threw her a curveball and added an 8 week old puppy to our household.... Margaret didn't skip a beat... she totally addressed all of our new issues. Her " tricks" were game changers for us . We cannot say enough good things about Super Fine K9!

Kathy and Bill B. with Suri and Ruby (All American Dogs)

Margaret was a lifesaver in the training process for our dog. During our sessions, she was attentive to all of our concerns and made sure to answer each and every question. She came with an agenda but was always flexible and willing to digress in order to address our most pressing needs. She provided us with all of the tools necessary to work with our dog. Not only was she a wonderful trainer but she always checked in and was available to respond to any questions/issues that came up between sessions. We could not recommend her enough.

- Beth B. and Brandon M. with Boomer (All American)

My dog Layla had surgery over a year ago. Now that she is better I started bringing her on walks. She would lunge and really bark at other dogs. Something she never did before the surgery. We hired Super Fine K9 to help with this issue. Margaret MacEwen was our trainer. She helped me understand what I needed to change in order to have positive walks with my dog. Layla and I are working through our issues. Our walks are getting better now that I have the right training methods to use. I would highly recommend Super Fine K9.

- Ellen and Ed C. with Layla (Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog)

Margaret helped us with our Golden, Sophie, to manage her dog 'reactivity'. She was easy to talk to and helped us understand Sophie's anxiety about other dogs. Margaret spent a lot of time asking questions prior to starting her training, so she could really understand where we were struggling and tailor her strategy to help us and Sophie.
Margaret met us at home and at Horseshoe Lake, so we could 'practice' being around other dogs. She helped us see how we could manage different situations.
We thoroughly recommend Super Fine K9 for any kind of dog training, Margaret is very knowledgeable and professional. My son, husband and I learned a lot and enjoyed our sessions with her.

June B. with Sophie (Golden Retriever)

Margaret, owner of Super Fine K9, was awesome with our young adopted Beagle.  Daisy was not housebroken when we got her, but with Margaret's help that was quickly rectified.  Our little girl also suffers from separation anxiety, however, Margaret was able to make some inroads using confidence building exercises.  She also taught us how to keep Daisy from pulling during our walks.  My wife and I were really surprised at how well Daisy responded to all of Margaret's training, especially during a session we had in an extremely busy park.  She was able to keep Daisy's attention despite being surrounded by many new people, movements, and noises.  Margaret was very caring, professional, and attentive to our needs.  She always touched base with me to get an update on our progress so she was properly prepared to get right to work at our next session.  Getting training for our girl was one of the best things we could have done for her, and we couldn't have done any better than we did with Margaret.  We would not hesitate to use her again.  THANK YOU MARGARET!!!

Tom and Cary D. with Daisy (Beagle)

We had the best teaching experience. Our puppy loved her classes and learned the basics quickly because of the expert teaching methods.

Karen & Jeff E. with Belle (Maltese)

Margaret is a lifesaver! She came to us when Darby (Chesapeake) was only a few months old, and we couldn’t have done it without her. My husband and I felt like we were learning as much as Darby was. She has tips and tricks for every situation. We highly recommend her to all of our friends. We truly loved our sessions and were sad when they were over. THANK YOU, Margaret!

-Brynn and Taylor C. with Darby (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)