Why choose us?

To the world you are just one person but to your dog you are the world.

Dogs do need to learn how to take their newly learned skills "on the road" and deal with life outside the home.  In reality, dogs will come in contact with other dogs, animals and people of all types.  Once your dog has learned basic skills, group walks, group classes and other dog-related activities are great ways to build on those skills.  We will help you bring your dog's skills into real life situations.

If your goal is to participate in a dog related sport, go to the dog park or be a welcomed guest at a hotel or vacation home, your dog will need additional exposure after basic training.

I have many contacts in the dog community and can refer you to specialists in dog sports and dog related activities such as agility, competition obedience, rally obedience, swimming and dock diving, canine freestyle (dancing with dogs), nose work, barn hunt and protection work.

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