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Dog Training through your dog's eyes...

Located in Roxbury, NJ.   Providing private training in Morris, Sussex, Warren, Essex and Union Counties.

At Super Fine K9 we help  you see the learning process through your dog's eyes.  We'll teach you how dogs learn and how they interpret what it is we are asking of them. 

Training is not always about giving commands and the dog obeying.  Most people want a dog who can think and sort out acceptable behaviors without needing a command for every action. Your dog will learn by clear and consistent communication, without  the use of harsh corrections or electronic collars.

Through one on one private sessions in your home followed by training exercises that you can work on at your own pace, we will work with you to achieve your training goals.


Super Fine K9 is now able to offer the following training options keeping the

safety and comfort level of our clients in mind:


  •  - Private training in your home utilizing social distancing.  Your trainer will be wearing a mask and practicing hand washing/hand sanitizing.


  •  - "Open air” training in your yard, open garage or local park utilizing social distancing/face masks, and hand sanitizing.


  •  - Virtual Training by Zoom Conferencing for people who may not be comfortable with in person training and for those who live outside our travel area or out of state. 


  • Call or Text Super Fine K9 at 973-945-5638  or e-mail to SuperFineK9@gmail.




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For Private In-Home Training

Super Fine K9 serves dog lovers in Morris,  Sussex and many parts of Essex, Union, Warren and Hunterdon Counties.

Virtual Training Sessions can have no location restrictions.  We are in the Eastern Time Zone.

Behavior Problems
One of the most common and frustrating things dog owners face is a dog who does not understand how to "behave".  That, of course depends upon who you are asking...a dog or a human.  Dogs behave like dogs. It is up to us to teach them what the rules are by helping them understand what we want them to do and not do. 

Door dashing, jumping, excessive barking, reactivity to dogs and strangers, house breaking, kitchen counter surfing, pulling on leash,  hand mouthing and destruction of property are the most common complaints we are asked to help resolve.

Obedience Training
This type of training will focus on common basic or advanced obedience skills such as sit, down, stay or wait, come, heel and down from a distance.  How far you want to go will depend upon your personal training goals.
Cute Puppy
Start Puppy Off Right
Starting off the right way with a clean slate will reduce frustration and prevent bad habits.  Let us prepare you in advance of your puppy coming home or help you start from square one if you did not have time to plan your puppy's arrival.
Taking the time now will pay off both financially and emotionally in the long run.
My Adopted Dog
If you have just adopted an adolescent or adult dog, contact us so you can start off on the right paw!  Chances are you'll need to help the new addition to your family work through some issues and undesirable behaviors.  We can help. We've been there.  Start off right to avoid confusing communication which can result in frustration.
When you decided you wanted to bring a dog into your home, chances are you had a vision of what it would be like.  That doesn't just "happen".  Let us help you make that vision a reality.

Child with Dog
Kids and K9s

Are you considering getting a dog for your child?  We will work with you and your child to understand the reality of owning and caring for a dog.  Adopting or purchasing a dog is a long term commitment and not only should you be prepared, but you should be given an opportunity to have the knowledge and tools you will need to succeed.  Children need to know how to behave around a dog for their safety and the safety of the dog.  Dogs can have very subtle ways to say that they do not like the way children (and adults) interact with them.  It could be painful or scary to them. Unfortunately, they cannot communicate this through speech and even the friendliest dog can be pushed too far.


We can work with your family to ensure all members have a hand in training your new family member.

Start off right, don't wait until something goes wrong.

My Dog Is Already Trained

That is wonderful and congratulations on your hard work and perseverance! 

Maybe playing fetch and going for walks is getting a bit boring for both of you?  We can up the game with advanced training or point you to the right resource for fun activities that you can do together.

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Dog Agility Training

Dog Agility is one the fastest growing dog sports in the world.  No doubt you have seen it on TV or maybe you know someone who does agility with their own dog.  Agility can be done solely for fun or maybe you are looking to compete.  You will learn how to work as a team to navigate through a series of obstacles with both speed and accuracy. Dog Agility training can improve confidence in a dog and improve the human-dog relationship.

To learn more about our expertise in teaching and competing in dog agility see our "About Us" page.

AKC Canine Good Citizen
Super Fine K9 is proud to be an evaluator for the  American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program. Please visit to learn more.

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Contact Us:

We are located in Roxbury Township, NJ

We serve Morris, Sussex, and many parts of Essex, Union, Warren and Hunterdon Counties.

973-945-5638  (call or text)

Appointment for home visits are available weekdays and weekends, daytime and evenings.

Appointments for Dog Agility training are available weekdays and weekends daytime and evenings.  Sessions can be private, semi-private if you have a friend who would like to join the fun.  Group classes are also available.


About Us

Photo by GreatDanePhotos ©2015. Used with permission

My name is Margaret MacEwen and training dogs is my passion!  I have a B.A. in Recreation Administration from Kean University with a focus on Therapeutic Recreation.  My personal Therapeutic Recreation is the sport of Dog Agility. To date all my dogs have been rescues, each coming to me with a variety of behavior issues or fears. Before I could even think about competing with my dogs, I  needed to resolve those issues and help my dogs overcome those fears. 

For over 18 years, I have had the opportunity to work at some of the top training schools in Northern New Jersey.  I have worked with and have taken workshops and seminars presented by some of the top trainers in the country.  Still, I find that my own dogs and the other dogs I have trained over the years have been the best teachers. Each dog teaches me something new and each one requires a different approach. They keep me on my toes and often make it necessary to think outside the dog trainer's box.


As a result, all of my dogs have all earned the AKC designation of Canine Good Citizen. They have also earned countless agility titles and numerous championship awards.  My dogs have consistently ranked in the annual Top 10 for the North American Dog Agility Council and have competed at the North American Dog Agility Council Championships multiple times.


Not everyone is looking to compete in a dog sport with their dog, but EVERYONE deserves a dog who can bring them joy and companionship rather than chaos and frustration.  Contact us to let us help you with your dog training goals!


Please call to discuss your individual circumstance.  Each situation is different.  Some issues are relatively easy to resolve and others are more complicated.  We will be more than happy to discuss rates with you once we learn more about the type of training you are looking for.

Professional Level Member Association of Professional Dog Trainers  #87252


Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals #P7952

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