Our Dogs

Tempe Wick

Tempe Wick is a Australian Cattledog, Beagle, Spaniel mix that joined our family at the age of 1 year old.  She was rescued from a kill shelter in West Virginia by New Jersey Puppy Rescue. She is the sweetest, most beautiful girl and has been a great sister and mother figure to all of her "brothers".  

Tempe competed in agility for a long time, but she was never a natural jumper, so she retired early from the jumping classes.  She has made the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) Annual Top 10 by Breed (12" Mix) for the Tunnelers, Touch n Go and Weavers classes for multiple years.  She has the AKC designation of Canine Good Citizen and has done modeling for product advertising.

She is a natural with children and the elderly.  She traveled with me often when I was a regional director for several dementia care facilities in the northeast.  The residents loved her and she soaked up the love.

Tempe is 14 years old now and still loves to go for walks (her favorite thing in life) and do long retrieves in open fields.  She also enjoys an occasional wrestling match with her 4 year old brother, Jersey.

What we had to overcome:  Tempe Wick was incredibly fearful and shy and would not even approach me or take a treat from me when I met her.  She was prone to chewing and not completely housebroken.  Her gorgeous tail was stripped down to the skin because she was so dirty and matted when she was rescued. With time and proper training, she flourished physically and emotionally and became the most trusted dog I have had to date.  

Now hearing impaired, she responds mostly to hand signals and body language.  She is just AMAZING!

If you want to know more about her name you can always Google it.

Crew, is a Shetland Sheepdog, Beagle, Corgi mix that came to us at the age of 3.   He was rescued from Georgia and brought to New Jersey by Home For Good Dogs out of Berkeley Heights, NJ.   He is a lot of dog in a little package!

He loves to run, chase, play Frisbee and get body massages, but his favorite thing to do is agility.  I really lucked out!

Crew has earned 11 Championship awards through North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) and has been inducted into their Hall of Fame for multiple categories.  He has competed at the NADAC Championships 3 times and in 2019, Crew made it to the podium earning 3rd place overall for his group while his team earned 2nd place overall for their group.  Crew consistently makes the Top Ten by Breed (12” Mixed Breed) list each year.  He has also earned the AKC designation of Canine Good Citizen.

Crew took to agility in a way I have never experienced especially for a 3 year old in a new home.  He loved it and “got it” right away.  He loves the rush of being able to run as well as the mental challenge of following direction and performing obstacles.  He has made me a better handler for sure.  He is FAST and has no problem telling me when I am not giving him direction in a timely fashion.

Crew has traveled with me to at least 12 states for vacations and agility competitions.  He also traveled with me for work in the past and visited dementia patients in 3 states, bringing a smile to all.

Crew, now 10 years old, shows no signs of slowing down.  

What we had to overcome:   He was a chewer!!!  You would think that at the age of 3 he would not have this issue but he did.  He was also a digger even when I was in the backyard with him.  He had leash reactivity which means he was typically fine with dogs off leash, but very defensive when on leash even with dogs at a distance.  He also wanted to chase everything he saw, so seeing a squirrel or rabbit while on a walk resulted in a blood curdling shriek!  With proper training and the introduction of more interesting activities, we got past these unwanted behaviors.



Jersey is an Australian Cattle Dog, Schipperke mix who came to us at the age of approximately 10 months old.  He was rescued from Tennessee and brought to New Jersey by St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ.  I was looking for a dog for a friend but this little guy just gave me a smile and a head tilt with those fabulous ears and I fell in love!

Jersey loves to snuggle, run, chase balls and play Frisbee.  He also loves agility but it took a while before he was comfortable doing agility outside of our backyard. 

Now 6 years old, Jersey has earned several agility titles at the Open and Elite levels through the North American Dog Agility Council. In 2019, Jersey competed in the Pre-Elite Class at the NADAC Championships.  I was so proud of how well he did at such a large venue.  He even placed in a run in the very competitive 12" class.  Jersey has earned the AKC designation of Canine Good Citizen.

What we had to overcome:  Jersey is still a work in progress.  While he showed no signs when we had our meet and greet at the shelter, he was EXTREMELY leash reactive towards people and dogs.  It was clearly fear based and any eye contact from a human set him off.  He could not hear or see another dog without absolute panic setting in.  With the help of Lori Minardi, a fellow trainer, and MANY dog savvy friends we were able to slowly show him that people could be trusted and friendly.  Now, he loves everyone he meets. Desensitization and confidence building has dramatically improved his ability to be around other dogs while on leash.

He also showed mild signs of separation anxiety.

Consistent obedience training and desensitization has done wonders for him.  There is still work to do and I have to constantly remind him that I have his back. As a result, he is one of the most obedient and responsive dogs I have raised. He still has "worry" issues in the agility ring.

He plays wonderfully with dogs he knows and those to which he has been properly introduced.  His girlfriend Zoe, a Husky mix really helped him come out of his shell.

Yes, that is Jersey's face one the current version of our business cards.

Jersey Frisbee home.JPG